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Important Information Regarding Parent Consultation Meetings

posted 10 Jul 2015, 02:47 by Vicki Bowes
Monday afternoon is our consultation event. In line with our Home Academy Pupil Agreement, please attend your appointment so that you can be updated about your child's progress from the report you received earlier in the year.

Unfortunately, Mrs Cook (Class 1, Reception) is unwell and won't be able to meet with parents on Monday afternoon as scheduled.

So that Reception class families have the opportunity to meet with her or Mrs Peretti, if she is not back, we will operate an 'Open Day' on Wednesday 15th July for parents who would like to meet and discuss their child's progress, attainment and next steps in learning.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but have tried to inform parents as soon as possible of the necessary change of plan for the Reception class.
Mrs Steele