More Able, Gifted and Talented

At Caldicotes we look to support all children with the development of their PE skills. We have been fortunate enough to be able to provide some fantastic opportunites for children who have been identified as more able, gifted and talented in PE.

These include;

· Specialist sports coaching on a Wednesday afternoon from a qualified sports coach. This allows children to work alongside other gifted and talented children in the academy who may not be in their classes or year group. The lessons can be delivered at a fast pace and pupils can progress onto higher level skills more quickly. Children are also given the opportunity to peer coach and act as referees/umpires to develop their leadership/coaching skills.

· ‘Sports Crew’ at Caldicotes we have a sports crew chosen for their commitment to sports within the academy. These children take on a leadership role and wear an orange hoody so they can be spotted easily. They are in charge of organising playtime and lunchtime games and equipment, greeting their peers on a morning, scoring inter-house competitions and leading events in school such as Nursery sports day. Sports crew are seen as sporting role models in the academy and they go about their daily duties with pride. 

· From September 2017 Caldicotes are extremely honoured to be able to offer a Play Maker award for children aged 9+. We are going to trail the course by offering it to Sports Crew and gifted and talented pupils first. The course allows pupils to develop their leadership, communication and planning skills by organising and delivering sporting events/activities.