Competition News and Fixtures

Any pupil representing the academy at a sporting event qualifies to achieve their pledge number 6!

The competition timetable for Summer Term 2017:

Summer Term Sports Events





Football Freestyle

Rec – Year 6

Tuesday 25th April


Tennis Festival

All year 3

Wed 17th May PM

Tennis World

Drax Cricket

Year 4 cricket team

Thursday 25th May

Marton Cricket Club


10 year 5/6 children

Friday 26th May



Y5/6 cricket team

Tuesday 6th June

Marton Cricket Club


Y5/6 hockey team

Wednesday 7th June

Southlands Centre

Skateboard Lessons

Rec – Y6

Wednesday 7th June


Scooter Lessons

Rec – Y6

Thursday 8th June


Sports Day

Rec- Y6

Friday 9th June




Wednesday 14th June

Middlesbrough Sports Village

Quad Kids Athletics

16 year 1/2 children

Thursday 15th June

Middlesbrough Sports Village

Quad Kids Athletics

16 year 3/4 children

Friday 16th June

Middlesbrough Sports Village

Football Festival

KS1 - 2 teams

Thursday 29th June

Middlesbrough Sports Village

Football Festival

Y3/4 football team

Friday 30th June

Middlesbrough Sports Village


Year 4 and 5

Wednesday 5th July

Stewart’s Park


Wilf Mannion Plate Champions!

posted 13 Jun 2017, 01:32 by Katharine Smith

What a busy week we had during sports week but one of the highlights had to be the year 5/6 football team winning the Wilf Mannion Plate competition. The team had a very tough day on the Thursday but went back on the Friday with fighting spirits and it worked - they didn't lose a match all day! 

With some amazing team-work, determination, a super goal from a free kick and some outstanding saves the team made it to the final. 

It was a tough battle against Chandlers Ridge after a long, tiring day of football. Caldicotes were victorious with the final finishing 1-0. 

We are so very proud of the football team and think they are all amazing sports stars. 

Cross Country

posted 15 Mar 2017, 09:26 by Katharine Smith

On Tuesday 14th March a team of 36 runners went to UCA to represent Caldicotes in the cross country competition.

All runners did us proud and completed the course, some with amazing scores showing such improvements from the positions achieved last year.

Katie from the year 5 girls team came 8th overall and so will go on to represent Middlesbrough at the Tees Valley finals later this month!

Football February

posted 11 Feb 2017, 02:53 by Katharine Smith

Our football teams have been very busy this month.

The year 1/2 team played for the academy for the very first time in a match against Tilery away at Northfield. The team showed fantastic skills and commitment for their first time and we were very proud of them! They won an amazing 10-7 it was such an exciting match to watch.

The year 3/4 team have been extra busy. They also played against Tilery and they won 7-1. The team are constantly developing and showing great communication and passing skills as they continue to work together. On Friday morning the team also went to the Lee Stephenson Memorial Cup at Eston Sports Centre. This was a fantastic tournament and enabled us to play some very tricky opponents. The team worked very hard and ended the morning in a brilliant 3rd place.

Well done to all our footballers, more matches will be coming up soon!


Skipping Competition Y3/4 Thursday 1st December

posted 2 Dec 2016, 00:22 by Katharine Smith

On Thursday 30 children from Y3/4 attended the FIRST EVER skipping competition in Middlesbrough. It was very exciting to be a part of it and we have learnt lots of new skills to show!

Everyone had a different skill they had to perform at the competition and then all of our points got added together. We were so proud at the end to see so many children from our school be presented with certificates!

Y3/4 Sports Hall Athletics Tournament – Thursday 24th November

posted 27 Nov 2016, 15:38 by Katharine Smith

On Thursday 30 year 3/4 children went to Eston Sports Centre to represent the academy in the sports hall athletics tournament. We were competing against 14 other schools and it was great fun because we got to cheer our team on very loudly! Everyone took part in at least one track and one field event. There was so many events to compete in they were: hurdles, relays, over under relay, obstacle course, speed bounce, javelin, vertical jump, five strides, long jump and sprints. Everyone there had so much fun, we finished 7th overall so we were very proud of ourselves! Roll on sports day!

Gymnastics Competition Thursday 17th November

posted 22 Nov 2016, 08:22 by Katharine Smith

On Thursday 17th November 18 children from Y2 to Y6 went to Middlesbrough College to compete in a gymnastics competition against 12 other schools. All children had to perform a floor routine and a vault. There were judges watching us and it was quite nerve-racking but we all performed the best we have ever done. We held the balances and moves properly and smiled!

At the end we were very proud to discover that we had placed 6th out of all of the schools there. As well as this Kayden was placed third out of all of the year 1 and 2 boys so he won a trophy.

Miss Smith was delighted with everyone competing! We can’t wait to perform our routines for the whole school!

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby – Thursday 13th October 2016

posted 13 Oct 2016, 09:13 by Katharine Smith

On Thursday we went to a tag rugby tournament. We played very well; we won 5 games, lost 3 and drew 2. It was rainy and cold so in the afternoon break Miss Smith bought us a hot chocolate.

In our final game we got beat but we were very determined to win all of the games! We all ran as fast as cheetahs.

When it was raining it was as cold as ice so we had to go inside and we ate our food there too. After a while, we went outside and we played fantastically as a team. To make our best better we could pass quicker and catch the ball more accurately.

We scored some brilliant, exciting tries. It was very hard to chase people to get their tags but we tried our best. We all had a great day!

Leon, Oliver, Katie, Shelby, Chloe, Kenton, Hayden, Mason and Curtis 

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby – Tuesday 11th October

posted 11 Oct 2016, 08:37 by Katharine Smith   [ updated 11 Oct 2016, 08:39 ]

Today a mixture of our Year 3’s and Year 4’s were lucky enough to participate in a Tag rugby event at the Southlands Centre. The day began on a down due to the horrible weather we had to play in, but nevertheless our children were adamant to be the best they can be and give their all. ‘Our first match we played Easterside and we drew 4-4, it was good because we worked as a team and we played fairly’ described by Ella. Trenton showed some great speed and awareness to open the scoring and seconds before the end when we were trailing 4-3, Ella produced a great step and passed to Archie who executed some brilliant skills to score a try and finish the game 4-4.

We had a long wait in the rain for our next game but ‘then it was our turn for the second match and I was happier because we won 4-2 and we were amazing’ said Trenton. In that match, Rosy showed some excellent leadership skills and was communicating with every player, which was encouraging the team to keep going. Again we opened the scoring in this match with a try that involved 6 excellent passes between; Darcie, Paige, Carson, Rosy, Archie and Isaac.

A few of the children gave their opinions on the second game:

· Archie described the game as ‘amazing because we played together with confidence and commitment’

· Rosy defined the game as ‘wonderful because we worked as a team and made our best even better’.

· Darcie said ‘I liked the second game because it was very easy and after we had to shake hands’.

The last game was a tough game against a strong Pallister Park team and if we won we would finish top of the group. Lennon described the game brilliantly ‘I was super proud of us even though we were losing 4-2 at half time and in the second half it got worse and we lost 8-2 but fair play to them they were a good team and we knew we had tried our very best’.

This result meant that a brilliant Year 3 and 4 Caldicotes team finished second and were progressing into the Championship league on the afternoon. However when we were having dinner the afternoon session was cancelled and moved to a different afternoon. Although this was frustrating for the children it will give them another opportunity to go and show off their skills against the top teams in Middlesbrough.

Mr Farrier and Mrs Herman were extremely proud of everyone who went and are super proud of their achievement considering it was their first tag rugby competition. We want to wish them the best of luck in their next competition.

Year 5/6 Football Team Tuesday 27th and Friday 30th September 2016

posted 2 Oct 2016, 08:18 by Katharine Smith

This week we have been two two football tournaments and they were both brilliant. On Tuesday we went to the Middlesbrough Small Schools tournament. We played really well as a team and we finished third overall. We are very proud of the way that we passed the ball and kept positive for the whole time. On Friday we played in the Middlesbrough Schools tournament. We had to play 8 matches so it was a tough day. We lost 3, drew 2 and won 3. Kenton scored an amazing goal and Leon scored two outside footers! We were so disappointed when we had to go home, we had another great day! We are looking forward to the next match already.

Leon, Oliver, Curtis, Kenton, Katie, Hayden, Lewis, Mason and Layton

Year 3 and 4 Tilery Match Away Wednesday 20th September

posted 22 Sep 2016, 08:04 by Katharine Smith

Last night we went in the cars to play Tilery. For Jacob, Isaac and Cole it was our first ever match representing school. We played very well, Trenton and Lennon were captains and we were very good at passing. We won 4 – 0 and felt very proud of ourselves. Trenton scored two, Paige scored one and Cole got the ball very close to the goal but the 4th goal was an own goal. Archie and Carson made some amazing tackles and Lennon was a super goal keeper. We are reallylooking forward to our next match.

Trenton, Lennon, Paige, Carson, Archie, Jacob, Isaac and Cole.

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