Sport Activities at Middlesbrough College

posted 12 Jun 2015, 06:25 by Tom Kentfield-Wells
On 30th April, fifteen Year 5 children went on a visit to Middlesbrough College for an afternoon of fun sports activities.

The children were divided into three teams: Lemons, blueberries and strawberries
The physical activities were divided into four areas: agility, skill, parachute and relay.


Seven students (from travel and tourism) organised all the activities in line with holiday clubs as part of their course. The activities involved teamwork. Points could be scored for scoring baskets, good balance and accurately hitting targets with quoits and beanbags.

At the half term interval and after two events all scores were equal. The third event, parachuting, was a win for the blueberries, giving them a one point lead over strawberries.

The final relay race was hotly contested. Strawberries just pipped the lemons with blueberries third.

The final scores on the doors: strawberries 9, blueberries 8 and lemons 7.
An amazing fun afternoon enjoyed by all. Thank you to Jo and the students involved!