Year 3/4 Tag Rugby – Tuesday 11th October

posted 11 Oct 2016, 08:37 by Katharine Smith   [ updated 11 Oct 2016, 08:39 ]

Today a mixture of our Year 3’s and Year 4’s were lucky enough to participate in a Tag rugby event at the Southlands Centre. The day began on a down due to the horrible weather we had to play in, but nevertheless our children were adamant to be the best they can be and give their all. ‘Our first match we played Easterside and we drew 4-4, it was good because we worked as a team and we played fairly’ described by Ella. Trenton showed some great speed and awareness to open the scoring and seconds before the end when we were trailing 4-3, Ella produced a great step and passed to Archie who executed some brilliant skills to score a try and finish the game 4-4.

We had a long wait in the rain for our next game but ‘then it was our turn for the second match and I was happier because we won 4-2 and we were amazing’ said Trenton. In that match, Rosy showed some excellent leadership skills and was communicating with every player, which was encouraging the team to keep going. Again we opened the scoring in this match with a try that involved 6 excellent passes between; Darcie, Paige, Carson, Rosy, Archie and Isaac.

A few of the children gave their opinions on the second game:

· Archie described the game as ‘amazing because we played together with confidence and commitment’

· Rosy defined the game as ‘wonderful because we worked as a team and made our best even better’.

· Darcie said ‘I liked the second game because it was very easy and after we had to shake hands’.

The last game was a tough game against a strong Pallister Park team and if we won we would finish top of the group. Lennon described the game brilliantly ‘I was super proud of us even though we were losing 4-2 at half time and in the second half it got worse and we lost 8-2 but fair play to them they were a good team and we knew we had tried our very best’.

This result meant that a brilliant Year 3 and 4 Caldicotes team finished second and were progressing into the Championship league on the afternoon. However when we were having dinner the afternoon session was cancelled and moved to a different afternoon. Although this was frustrating for the children it will give them another opportunity to go and show off their skills against the top teams in Middlesbrough.

Mr Farrier and Mrs Herman were extremely proud of everyone who went and are super proud of their achievement considering it was their first tag rugby competition. We want to wish them the best of luck in their next competition.