Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament

posted 21 Oct 2015, 06:47 by Vicki Bowes
On Thursday 15th October the year 5/6 tag rugby team went to a tournament at Middlesbrough College. It was a fantastic day and the team worked extremely well together communicating, defending and attacking.

“Team Caldicotes tried their hardest to get into the Plate Final and we made it!” said Chelsea from year 6.

“All our efforts were worth it!” answered Kasie, one of our school captains.

“We worked well as a team to compete against lots of other schools. We only lost 4 matches in the whole day.” Said Kian from year 6. 

“We pulled a Haka face before facing tough competition in the plate finals!” Said Oliver from year 5.

“The referees and linesmen managed the games fairly so there was no cheating.” Said Brandon from year 6.

“We were runners-up in the plate finals. We all got a silver medal in a case. We felt fantastic and very proud of ourselves.” Said Leon.

“We couldn’t wait to show Mrs. Steele and James our medals!” Said Kiera.