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Sports Crew

The role of the Sports Crew is developing this year following the success the 'crew' had last year. Their role is to demonstrate and encourage maximum participation in break and lunchtime activities. They plan and choose their activities and are responsible for the equipment for them. They are also responsible for keeping all the PE equipment in school tidy and undertake an active role in modelling and helping during ‘Wake up and Boogie’ on a morning.

Meet the Sports Crew...

We are the Sports Crew of Caldicotes Primary Academy. We are Sophie, Austin, Lennon, Carly, Ellie, Aaron and Brandon. 

We have many jobs in the academy, some of them are: to sort out kits before and after matches; to help plan, keep scores and referee in Academy competitions; tidy equipment; help teachers model skills; set a great example in wake up and boogie and open the doors to let all the children in; turn the computer on in the hall each morning and tidy the PE cupboard. 

We often lead games at play times and lunch times. We find out what games children want to play and get the equipment ready to play them.